Business Intelligence Track

Business Intelligence (BI) is the technology that companies such as and Google use to take advantage of the enormous amount of data they collect and analyze. It is the technology with which knows what book to recommend you every time you login, Google knows how to rank the pages you are searching for, and banks decide whether to approve loan applications almost instantly. As organizations increasingly have to deal with "big data", the number of job openings and the need for skilled professionals in this field will continue to increase.

Business Intelligence Track:

Three Required Courses:

IT 370 Business Intelligence
IT 471 Data Warehousing
IT 472 Data Mining

Two of the following elective courses:

IT 360 Enterprise Software
IT 428L Information System Security
IT 456 Storage Management
IT 460 Integration Methodologies and Tools
IT 461L Systems Analysis and Design
MSIS 422 Decision Support Systems
MSIS 426 E-Business and E-Commerce
MSIS 427 Knowledge Management