IT Major Requirements

Undergraduates in the College of Management will take coursework in a variety of areas including: liberal arts foundation, non-business electives, distribution areas; management foundation, core and concentration; and general or free electives. These areas fulfill University and College requirements. They also lead to a diverse educational experience for all graduates.

60 Non-business credits required
Non-Business Foundation Courses IT Foundation Core Requirements
ENGL101&102 IT 110, IT 111, IT 114, IT 115, IT 230,
IT 240, IT 244, IT 246, IT 285
ECON101&102 BSIT Capstone Requirement
MATH134 (Calculus) IT 425, IT 485
Writing Proficiency Course Track Courses
BC290 Four to six courses depending
on selected track
First Year Seminar Course Professional Electives
Intermediate Seminar Course Three courses from selected list.
Please refer to your degree audit.
Areas of Knowledge Distribution* General Electives
2 AR or 2 HU or 1 of each
2 SB, 2 NS, 1 WL or WC
One - three courses; to bring the
total number of credits to 120.
International Management Course*
Diversity Course*
Non-Business Elective Courses*
Generally, six courses to bring the total
number of non-business courses to 60.
Four courses from the last four
categories must be at the 200 level or above.
*These courses may overlap with other requirements.